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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  June 14, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> chilling word from the local young lady held his stage at orlando nightclub shooting, in a bathroom with the what the gun man said to her as she waited desperately to be saved. >> what part of this society, some christians, jews, muslim community, we all have to learn to live together good this morning we will honor dozens of people simply out to have a good time when they became victims of the deadliest mass shooting in american history. new information generating questions about his sexuality. the shooter that is. >> there he is. all right. trying to make this a good day, everybody. it is tuesday, june 14th, 2016. if memory serves that means it is flag day. >> sure is, 238. >> birthday of the flag. >> the flag was made a block away here on third street. >> that would be at betsy ross house good exactly right. >> guess is what happening at
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10:00 a.m. >> betsy ross will show up. >> sure, and they will raise the flag. there are more events coming up for flag day right here in olde city, and happily weather is cooperating. >> so many have asked about our intern, we will keep you updated every morning patients carter is her name and she was wounded in orlando. she was at that pulse nightclub when shooter started firing shots and she was hit in the leg. >> her family tells us she underwent surgery and she is in stable condition. of course, we are praying for her speedy recovery. >> more on her, and, two friend that she was with, last night and sunday. so yesterday you promised a ten. you came through. can you give us another. >> i will, only because you you asked. >> i'll have another. >> you'll have another on this flag day. 2016 is a ten out of ten. weather is just as beautiful. bus stop buddy excited about flag day as well. we are off to a nice start with temperatures in the 60's mostly this morning. the beautiful sunrise.
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prettiest ones are ones where we have a few clouds here and there we will look at 63 degrees at the airport. 13 miles an hour wind out of the north, relative humidity 50 percent, in the bad at all. forty-seven up in mount pocono. we are in the 50's to the north of news lancaster and west of us as well at 58 in reading, 57 in pottstown, mid 60's in wildwood and dover right now. a few clouds showing up on radar, a high temperature of 80 degrees with sunny skies and low humidity, another perfect day for this time in june. 60 degrees with mostly clear skies and cool night. that is your forecast for your tuesday. we will check traffic for you, on this tuesday morning, bright out there, sun glare is an issue. we have an incident we told but last time that happened at route 100 south, right around pottstown a motorcycle accident, route 100 at county line road, that is where you travel out in the suburbs this morning. that will slow you down. route 422 at trooper road we
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will check that this morning and it seems to be moving just fine. looking at vine street expressway this morning, also tells us that traffic is moving just fine nor now. we will keep a check as morning goes on. mike and alex. >> speaking of traffic, again, northeast philadelphia, investigators searching for the car possibly hit a young woman and throwing her over 200 feet, knocking even her earrings out of her ears and shoes off her feet. >> police say it happened at busy intersection of roosevelt boulevard and adams avenue late last night and that is where steve keeley is right now. >> reporter: she has this crosswalk here and look beyond the crosswalk, 50 feet, how about that for an awful irony, safety corridor, yeah, sure. this is the seventh deadly hit and run in 2016, that put it up 75 percent for this time last year. another awful stat, we wonder why people take off after
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leaving somebody to die in the street? only two arrests in the seven deadly hit and runs. so odds favor them getting a way witten when they get the vehicle they never can figure out for sure hoist driving it before they can arrest somebody. so, there is a sad awful stat. look at how this happens. do you see this guy here? look at the track light. we have a green light northbound on the boulevard like this minivan, white or silver or older one. look at the pedestrian light and look at these people flying through this crosswalk here. lets see if they make a right. look at this truck. how fast was he going, mike, speed limit 40 miles an hour, you have the crosswalk light and that jihad green light he is supposed to yield for pedestrians, look at how fast that guy was going, they are flying through this. here comes the car. that is why this happened. another awful engineering feat and that is how this young woman still unidentified was killed last night, thrown out of her shoes, also thrown out of her earrings that she haddon pierced ears very
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violent crash. that means there is a lot of damage to this van. who knows how far can you drive a van with the smashed windshield, amazing. but only two arrests out of seven. mike and alex. >> we see this year after year after year, most dangerous road in america, certainly in the top ten. what do we do about it? we just talk. 6:05. here's what we know, authorities have released the names of all 49 people killed in that orlando nightclub shooting. the most of them young adults, most of them in their 20's and 30's. investigators say there is no evidence that the shooter was directed by isis, directly. the fbi is looking into whether he also scouted out disney world for a possible attack. the shooter also reportedly attended pulse club before the attack and get this, one regular at the club said he message him on and off for a year before the shooting, using the gay dating app jack. they say they saw him there at
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least a dozen times. among those killed a promising student athlete from west catholic prep high graduate. akyra murray graduated just last week and set to go to mercyhurst college for a full scholarship for basketball. we have been updating you antilogy you about patients recovering in it or land owe hospital. patients's on the right. they also traveled there with her cousin can i ra parker. our chris o'connell spoke to her last night, chris. >> well, guys, victims were you talking about some of the youngest victims of the orlando nightclub massacre, three women, young women from philadelphia, came here on a family vacation. three of them went out one night, to go dancing. to have a good time, out with the girls. only to end up all of them being shot, all of them being
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held hostage in the bathroom of that pulse nightclub. only two made it out alive. take a look at video from that night club, at 18 year-old akyra murray was killed, two others are surviving in a hospital here, behind me here, they are recovering in that hospital tonight. now we are hearing their story, their chilling word for the first time, and we have to warn you some of this description is graphic. >> just hostages in the bathroom. for hours, i am laying in blood. i got peoples body fragment on me. somebody face is blown off. i seen him peak under the stall and look me in my face. from then on i thought my life was over because it was not long after that he said something about having another bomb to take out a city block. >> reporter: kyla parker and patients carter in the hospital in orlando.
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they are recovering. i did speak with both of them in stable condition. i got a chance to speak with our intern, patients last night. she says that she is happy to be alive, she is still in a lot of pain and still no idea, when they will be able to be released from the hospital and get back to philadelphia. alex and mike. >> she wanted to mention make sure you don't put all the attention ton me because she work with us here but more attention on her, you know, deceased friend. >> yes. >> so lets get to dave kinchen now. dave what do you got. >> you were talking about akyra mur hoy died in this tragedy, 18 year-old just graduated from west catholic high school last week. we will tell but how the school is doing, after this break.
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the 49 murdered victims we now is from philadelphia, 18 year-old akyra murray. >> she just graduated from high school last week, was in orlando with her family and friend, celebrate ago this graduation, dave kinchen has more, dave? >> reporter: so much happiness with that graduation and days later, so many unfathomable sadness here for the students, and, of course, staff, not in school right now. obviously, but as a family heart broken by this tragedy after learning that one of the victims in it or land owe massacre graduated from the
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school days ago, 18 year-old akyra mur friday philadelphia, one of the 49 victims killed in the pulse nightclub shooting. in that night of terror we are told that she was held hostage for three hours, inside of that club, she was in panic, she was in fear, she died after taking a bullet to the arm. akyra was an academic an athletic all-star and graduated third in her class, our team in orlando spoke with her heart broken family. >> just a true genius, she was phenomenal, best child you could ever ask for, never any issues with her in school, honor role, no troubles on the street, she followed the rules, but she was just phenomenal child. i wouldn't ask for a better child. >> reporter: it was grief in the streets of center city, her basketball teammates were very emotional at a vigil at philadelphia city hall. akyra was planning to attend mercyhurst college on a full
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athletic scholarship. she had just sign a letter of intent, a star athlete, losing her life, so early, way before her prime even, and to make matters even more painful for the family because of the fbi investigation the family tells us that the fbi has in the given family clearance to see herred about i at this time, back to you, mike and alex. >> we will be talking to akyra's principal at west catholic in 45 minutes. >> so many people, especially students, alumni of west catholic, who have been expressing their concerns and sadness. >> i know her teammates and coaches specially are taking it very hard. showing up in force to remember rising star from south jersey who was also killed in orlando, but on the friday night before the massacre. what her brother told the crowd he remembers most about his sister, cristina.
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pat toomey. right for wall street. wrong for pennsylvania. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. hundreds gathered for a vigil last night. >> she's 22 years old, and cristina was gunned down after a concert in orlando during a fan meet/greet as we said friday night. she was a you tube sensation and finalist on that hit show, the voice, that was in 2014. cristina graduated from cherokee high school and attended fellowship alliance chapel in medford, before she and her family, not long ago, moved to los angeles for her
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career. those who knew cristina's life spoke well about this star. >> she loved this town, the state, she loved singing, she loved the lord, and she loved me. >> when you lose a shining star that was 22 years old throughout her entire life, and living her dream, because she worked so hard for it, and devastating to all of us. >> of course, first sound bite was from her brother mark house tackled the gun man probably saving other peoples lives because he was well armed. >> cristinaes a funeral will be in medford at fellowship alliance chapel. adam le vine, her coach from the voice, has paid for her funeral and all of the costs. >> nicely done. 6:17. here's sue with finally some good news, the weather is fantastic. >> it is perfect. we will start off with a look with our weekend went toilet you know about the flag day and army day activities happening today. 10:00 a.m. flag raising at betsy ross house and then
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parade 10:30 at constitution center and then raise flag at independent hall, and then there is a sky diving the at independent mall that should be cool at noon, military displays you can browse two or 3:00 and then closing ceremony, 204th yet anniversary of the you had army to day as well a lot of action here in olde city. weather could not be better for all of. that by the way that schedule i just ran through quickly i have posted it on my facebook, instagram and twitter, all of them sue serio fox 29. so it is 63 degrees in philadelphia a. we are heading to 80, it is a ten. eighty-five tomorrow. the it should remain dry. some showers, thunderstorm or two on thursday, friday, maybe some showers in the morning but sunshine in the afternoon. we will try to get rid of the morning showers on friday. saturday and sunday so far so good for fathers day weekend. and that is your weather authority forecast. we will check traffic at 6:18 starting off with that incident, with a motorcycle
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accident around pottstown area, route 100, southbound, and they have cleared that from a roadway, we will check, the mid county tolls at the blue route, and, and, and we are at 95 at cottman avenue. we are starting to see volume going and we are slowing down in the way in the city this morning. mike and alex. a person was killed after being hit by a car. sky fox over the scene at route 130 in north park drive before 11:00 last night. investigators shut down area to traffic while they investigated. authorities have not released information on the victim. car slams into primeaus hoagies at third and south street, this happened just after 1:00 o'clock this morning. we are told driver ran up on to the sidewalk and hit four people, who were standing in front of the shop. all four victims had minor injuries thank goodness, it was a storefront that took the beating, and in word on what
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caused the driver to lose control there. owner on that have florida gunshot where authorities say the orlando shooter bought the his weapon he is speaking out yesterday. >> saint lucy shooting center owner ed henson is former detective with over 20 years of services. he sold two guns to omar mateen legally, mateen bought a handgun and long gun a week apart according to the owner. authorities searched the store as part of the investigation in the shooting. store owner says he followed the law, and when selling the guns, to the shooter mateen. >> an abled person came in here and legally purchased two firearms from frustrates and ife hadn't purchased them from frustrates, i'm sure he would have gotten them from another local gun store in the area. >> the owner says that mateen had multiple security licenses, and had an armed and unarmed license, he was a security guard for goodness sake. he passed a background check that every single person that purchases a firearm in the state of florida under goes. mateen had no criminal history
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and despite being on the fbi's radar, for years, he was legally allowed to purchase firearms just before he killed all of those people. 6:21. the u.s. need to consider new gun laws following the shooting at pulse nightclub. delaware demies urging officials to wage a social media campaign to even count are on line recruiting efforts by terrorist groups. carper suggested that laws for guns need to be tweak in order to give greater scrutiny to give people on terrorist watch lists. not everyone included on such list is an actual threat. >> back over in pennsylvania, bob casey's taking action, he is advocating for new legislation on gun control yesterday. >> democratic senator wants to pass hate crimes prevention act that would extend ban on gun purchases to those convicted of the miss demean are hate crime. that includes anyone who commits a crime motivated by hate, bias or a particular race, religion, national origin, gender, sexual
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orientation or disability. 6:22. later on good day yet another mass shooting, with the same weapon, ar15 assault rifle, why experts say it is weapon of choice for so many gunman. sixers brought out one of the two players that could be taken with the first pick of the draft is that our choice? howard tells us why it could be, in sports. man: life gets so busy with work, and it's really hard to just kind of put that all aside
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eagles signed fletcher cox to a six year extension, i never thought it was a problem even when he stayed away to the mini camps, he came into mandatory. numbers i reported one months air the same numbers in this deal. cox gets a six year deal, 103 million but most important number guarantied money and that is 63 million. highest paid guarantied money, for a defensive player and then any none in quarterback in the nfl. phillies on the road to toronto. phillies up one to nothing. ryan howard, dh, gets one, look, a home run. phillies go on to beat dickie and toronto blue jays seven to nothing. with the nba draft a week away, week from thursday, 76ers had duke's brandon ingram in town for a work out yesterday. i would take ingram with the
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first pick but i'm hearing they will take ben simmons even though he will not come in for a work out. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. we are here live, you see this dump truck going through this crosswalk where a young woman was walking. she had the light, so does the traffic, and that is probably one of the reasons why the latest hit and run here was a deadly one. >> reporter: they came face-to-face with the mass murderer, three with men from philadelphia go out on the night on the town only two make it the out alive, hear their chilling story coming up.
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another deadly hit and run in our area claims life of a young woman steve keeley is live on the scene, live look, from the area there with the details. hostages in the bathroom, for hours, i'm laying in blood. i got peoples body fragments, on people, somebody's face blown off. >> chilling word from a local young woman held hostage, of that orlando nightclub shooting, what the gunman said as he looked her in the face. >> i grabbed my best friend for protection.
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>> unaudible. >> this morning we will continue to honor dozens of people, out to have a good time, when they became victims of the deadliest mass shooting in american history. plus, the startling new information, generated about the shooter, and his sexuality, good day everybody it is tuesday june 14th, flag day 2016. >> it is 6:30. lets get a check of the weather with sue, sue, those flags flying, or flying in the wind. >> very proudly they will, alex, bus stop buddy has one. temperatures in the 60's and we are off to a nice start this morning. we will see plenty of sunshine at the airport. 63 degrees with relative humidity at 50 percent which is rare in june in philadelphia we have a breeze out of the north at 13 miles an hour. we are still breezy in the city. fifty's to the north. forty-seven in mount pocono. wildwood 64 degrees to get your day started. a few clouds around this morning which makes for a beautiful sunrise and your flag day forecast is for a
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magnificent afternoon 80 degrees and plenty of sunshine today. that is a look at your weather, traffic we have a problem to tell you about, an accident just happened, and this is the schuylkill expressway where we're looking at on the left happened side is eastbound. this is going in the city just before girard avenue and you can see several vehicles involved. we believe there was a bus involved in this accident as well. one of the vehicles smashed up against the median. as a result, folks are only getting by on the shoulder, so everybody merge nothing to that within lane and it is very, very slow go this morning. we will see what happens as they try to clean that accident up, and perhaps, maybe block off some more lanes of the schuylkill expressway and then stay away from eastbound schuylkill expressway, guys, near girard avenue. well, parentally a young woman is thrown hundreds of feet after she is hit by a minivan, late last night, on that notorious road the boulevard. >> police are saying distract
6:32 am
walking by the victim because she was on her cell phone that may have been a factor in this accident. >> but didn't she have the light steve, or what are we hearing. >> reporter: well, yes she has a light but so do vehicles. the speed limit is 40 on the boulevard. do you see how this guy is veering off the boulevard on to adams. adams you are supposed to go down to 25. now every time you come to me is there less traffic but we have watched people veer off of this doing like 80. you can tell look at this guy he has his turn signal, how fast do you think he is going, they have the green light and the pedestrian walk light is on. if you are walking with your back towards the boulevard traffic, here comes suv flying through crosswalk that is why she was thrown so far and killed instantly here at the scene. listen to inspector scott small talk about the violent crash. >> when she got hit the impact caused her to come out of her footwear, both slippers are still on the highway, her cell
6:33 am
phone which she had in her hand is broken and also on the scene. the earrings that she was wearing were actually torn from her ears and they are also, laying on the highway. so she was hit with such impact it caused her body, to travel about 200 feet north after being struck by the striking vehicle, that witnesses believe was going at a high rate of speed. >> reporter: despite her petit body they will do damage to the van. this van drives away with all this front end damage and smashed windshield. who necessary how far or how much you can hide an older white or silver minivan with a smashed in windshield where this poor girl's head hit. this is seventh fatal hit and run already in the first six months of 2016, almost double number this time last year, so they are up 75 percent.
6:34 am
here's sadest stat of all looking at the sign an awful irony safety corridor which they shouldn't even have that sign there because it is meaningless. there is no safety anywhere near the boulevard. mike and alex, two people so far of the seven fatal hit and runs have been arrested. odds are you will getaway with it, so far in 2016, and it is not the because the police are not doing anything but when they find these vehicles abandoned somewhere they have to prove who was driving at the time. >> i see what you are talking about, they both have the green light. maybe we need to make a notch in a media there and make a right turn lane. >> you can see how fast people are going through the crosswalk. is this gray car coming or no. these people are flying, way over 40 miles an hour limit as it is and then instead of slowing down it is look they are speeding up. we have seen people pass slower vehicles in the double yellow line and cars waiting
6:35 am
look at this guy, cars waiting on that light they would have went head on. you can see how fast people get through this crosswalk. >> you where to walk thinking that is a walk. >> here we go. >> well, pennsylvania state police have captured a man accused of killing three other men in west virginia. police in pennsville township, new jersey say that three two-year old eric shoe was taken into custody in chester county earlier this morning. pennsville police had issued an leather on their facebook page late last night saying that they were looking for him. he used to live there. shoe is accused of shooting three men to death the in the state of west virginia. in pennsauken a person riding a bike was killed after being hit by a car. sky fox over the scene at route 130 and north park drive before 11:00 last night. up investigators shut down the area while they investigated and authority have not released any information on the victim. car slammed into primeaus hoagies on third and south
6:36 am
street just after 1:00 this morning. we're told driver ran up on the sidewalk hit four people standing in front of the shop, all four victims had minor injuries. it was the storefront taking bulk of the damage, no one was hurt here, as i mentioned, the causes being investigated. 6:36. new to the the latest from the orlando massacre here's what we know right now, authorities released the names of the all 49 people killed in it or land owe nightclub shooting, most of them young adults. investigators say there is no evidence that the shooter was direct by isis. fbi is looking into whether he scouted out disney world for a possible attack. and this guy mateen also reportedly attended pulse nightclub before the attack. as much as maybe three years. now questions mounting about his own sexuality. one regular at the club said that mateen messaged him on and off for over a year before the shooting using the gay
6:37 am
dating app called jack. another person said he used the app grinder. it was used forecast you'll hook ups. patients of pulse nightclub said they saw mateen in there doesens and dozens of times. >> when it comes to the victims among those killed a promising kidnapping from west catholic prep high school in west philadelphia akyra murray graduated just last week, third in the class and mercyhurst college on a full athletic scholarship for basketball. she traveled to orlando with a intern patients carter who is recovering from a orlando hospital. she also traveled there with her cuss continue tiera parker. that is the cousin of can i ra. >> here's chris o'connell. >> reporter: good morning, guys. they are singers, fur baristas and as we know they are high school graduates. they are the victims. all of them have a different
6:38 am
story to tell, the three young women from philadelphia. that story has now become a nightmare. >> just out here enjoying vacation with my family just having fun. >> reporter: night out with the girls turned into a bloody massacre, tiera parker from southwest philadelphia, lived to tell bit, after being shot in the stomach. >> it was just hostages in the bathroom, the hours i am laying in blood, i got people body fragments on me, somebody's face blown off. >> reporter: chilling word from a woman who spent three hours as a hostage inside a pulse nightclub during the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. >> i got the to hear him talking saying i don't have a problem with black people. nothing personal. i'm tired of people killing me people in iraq. >> reporter: parker was with her cousin, kyla murray and fox 29 internal patients carter all three shot in the bathroom. murray, a stand out at west catholic prep, was begging the
6:39 am
gun man omar mateen to let her go. >> my cousin got hit in the arm, she was begging him, please, stop. >> reporter: police broke through a wall to rescue victims but it was too late for murray, she died at the hospital. parker said that she believes other people were involved in the shooting and said that she will be forever haunted by lot in the killer's eyes. >> i seen him peak under the stall and look me in my face from then on i thought my life was over because not long after that he said something about him having enough bombs to take out a city block. >> reporter: tiara parker and one other remain in it or land owe hospital. at last check they are in stable condition. they have no idea when they will make it back to philadelphia. and tiara a parker tells me what she told the fbi yesterday. she believes that there was someone else there that night, someone else involved in that shooting, in fact, local reports here in orlando saying
6:40 am
an arrest of an accomplice could happen in the next couple of days, guys. >> that is new. >> thanks, chris. >> we have been hearing what she went through and what she has been through i just can't imagine. when it comes to her cousin, can i ra murray, she went to orlando, just to have a good time, go on vacation with her family and friend. we are learning more about a. >> she did not make it out. dave kinchen on the story in west catholic. >> the thrill of graduation, and then just, days later, this devastation of death, and may him in orlando and, even though school isn't in session right now here at west catholic you know the students and staff are very close like many schools. of course, lot of shock since finding out that one of the victims graduated here just days ago 18 year-old kyla murray, one of the victims killed in the terror, she was
6:41 am
held hostage for three hours inside that club in panic and fear. she died after being shot in the arm. an all-star academic, and at the let here graduating third in her class just last week. our team in orlando spoke with her heart broken family. >> just went out. we were going to spend the weekend. so they said get out to a nightclub. we honored. that it was age appropriate 18 and above. you have to be 21 to drink. we hesitated at first because we didn't necessity someone from the area but we trusted her judgment and that she would be safe. i don't know what happened. >> reporter: believing her child would be safe in a situation when they go on, with friends and in center city akyra's basketball teammates were emotional at a vigil in philadelphia city
6:42 am
hall and akyra was planning to attend mercyhurst scholarship in the fall. she just signed a letter of intent, a big moment for her, her life cut down so tragically and family tells us that they have not been able to see her body yet because fbi went give clearance yet and still an ongoing investigation. back to you, mike and alex. parentally after she got hit by the first bullet she was able to get on the phone with her mother and so her mother had to hear her screaming. she said mom, i'm losing a lot of blood. she said try to put pressure on the wound. on the phone with your daughter as she's dying. so here we go again yet another mass shooting, with the same weapon that ar15 assault rifle. why experts say it is weapon of choice, many people in the delaware valley have purchased that particular gun. we will talk to an expert.
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it is 6:45. two days of septemberensing for former olympic runner oscar pistorius, today, pistorius, is facing up to 15
6:46 am
years in prison in the shooting death of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. reeva's father gave emotional testimony inside a south african courtroom about how much he misses his daughter. this is the second time, oscar pistorius is being sentenced for the death have of his former girl friend. closing arguments will continue today in the corruption trial of the u.s. representative chaka fattah. government says fattah stole tax, grant and campaign money to pay in part for one million-dollar in illegal campaign loans. defense is arguing there is no evidence fattah knew of the illegal loan and claims he is innocent. and a new pennsylvania law requires children under age two to be strapped into a rear facing child safety seat in the back seat. governor tom wolf signed the legislation design to improve child safety, the law takes effect in two months, so be warned. police will issue verbal warnings for the first year, but after that violations will
6:47 am
carry with it fines of $125. >> let's check on the traffic. >> big problems on the schuylkill expressway this morning on the eastbound side look the a the smashed in front end of the septa bus. we are hearing from our news room this was a chain reaction accident apparently where the bus hit a truck and then there were other vehicles involved. you can see, look at the truck then, smashed the car that maroon car into the median strip and now we are taking a look, thanks to sky fox at the immense backup eastbound on the schuylkill expressway. the accident happened just before girard avenue and is there a look at the penndot camera to show thaw folks, have to go around on to the shoulder to get by. so it is really slow go if you, of course, if you are at home watching and you have a chance to avoid that part of the schuylkill expressway do it at all costs because that backup is really long.
6:48 am
eastbound just before girard is where this chain reaction accident happened. avoid that at all costs. now weather is good, we will tell you how long this nice stretch lasts, in 15 seconds. weather is sensational as well. what a change when we were 92 saturday. ninety on sunday. yesterday 78 with low humidity, breezy but delightful. high pressure has built in, it happened yesterday, keeping all other weather systems away. we don't expect this one to visit until probably thursday, with some rain. hopefully not lasting all day, but, another weather day to enjoy. temperatures very comfortable walking out the door 63 in the city. fifty-seven in pottstown and
6:49 am
allentown. much cooler 47 in mount pocono. down at the shore 64 in wildwood. atlantic city international 61 . the with the wind coming out of the north or northwest that is what keeps the humidity low and we will expect to it stay this way for the rest of the day, so for today, down the shore, we will experience a land breeze today, so keep us in the mid 70's, 70 degrees in the pocono mountains, sunny, very pleasant today. by tomorrow we are warming up, into the mid 80's with increasing clouds, rain in the offing for thursday and maybe friday morning. of course we have good day drives to you northeast philadelphia, so our mission of course toys get rid of that rain for friday morning, mike and alex. we're working on it. >> very good idea. >> 6:49. might want to check out today's daily news, look at the cover there. seven minutes, faster then a speeding bullet, our columnist buys herself a assault weapon right here in our area. >> when we say seven minutes from the the moment she
6:50 am
stepped up to the sales counter and handed over her driver's license. >> lauren, tell us about this. >> atf does confirm that the gun used were purchase legally by other mar mateen. he had no criminal mystery. despite being on the fbi radar he was legally allowed to purchase firearms, one of the weapons ar15, top seller in gun stores and popular among gun enthusiast. civilian version of the military m16. >> it is one of the most popular rifles in the united states. it is one of the most popular target rifles in the entire world. multiple use rifle. it is, very popular. >> there are countless videos on line where people are showcasing its power. it can fire off 30 round, rapidly with little recoil. ar15 was same weapon used to kill patrons in the colorado movie theater, to kill elementary school students in new town, connecticut and to kill people working in the san
6:51 am
bernardino office building. at 7:00 a.m. we will talk to experts. we did reach out to helen to see if she will talk to about her experience but she did tell us this, which is fascinating, it took her longer to turn the gun into police then it did for her to purchase the gun at the gun store. >> that gun store owner is in king of prussia, right. >> yes, it is promoted. >> before everything was happened on sunday but when she walk in it was promoted in the window. >> yes, and down at the gun stores in florida, they have had a rush on the guns, yesterday. >> yes. >> selling them. >> one guy was selling about five to ten of them, per hour when they normally sold four or five per day, per hour. >> is there usually a up tic in gun sales. >> because people think there will be laws happening and they won't get their guns. >> yes. >> we will look forward to that. >> thanks, lauren. fletcher cox did well
6:52 am
yesterday, didn't he? >> he had a big raise. he shot straight up to the top. he signs a big extension and howard eskin will join to us break down the numbers. there is a lot of numbers involved. >> many zeros. >> plus we have to check in gannon this major accident on the schuylkill. one fifth of all the fresh water in the world flows into one incredible experience you can't find anywhere else. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪ ♪ you can find it all only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at
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we have counted the cars on this accident, just a little while ago on the schuylkill. eight cars involve, plus the septa bus. it happened a short time ago on the schuylkill, the bus rear ended one car, which caused the chain reaction.
6:55 am
this will take a long time to clear up. all right. 6:55 exactly. before tip off of game five of the nba finals the warriors and cavilers they paused for a moment of silence for victims of the or land owe shooting. >> thank you. >> once the action started calves were not going down without a fight against golden state warriors. lebron james and khiry irving carried the calves, each scored 41 points in game five last night. golden state was without dray green, and they lost their center, andrew, to injure. the fans were upset. anytime lebron had the ball they started booing. >> he had 41 points. cleveland 112/golden state 97. now they will get to game six in cleveland, it will be this
6:56 am
thursday and if the warriors win, of course, they will still take championship. odd are like three to one. >> it is so slim, it has never has happened. it has never happened ever. >> but can history change this year in 2016. >> if there is any team that can explode like that, it is the calves. i don't think a team ever had their top players score same amount of points, 41, 41. >> here's the thing will green be back then. >> yes, dray green will play, one game suspension. that should be a good game in cleveland. >> what did you say it was. >> thursday. >> thursday night. >> 6:56. steve keeley. >> mike, we have had the seventh deadly hit and run in philadelphia already in 2016 and this is where it happened right where these cars are going right true through this crosswalk. they have light and so do pedestrians at the same time and maybe that was a factor as we see cars speed through this crosswalk where this woman was
6:57 am
killed. hello, i am banking assistance and registration technology. hello! it's our new intern, bart's first week here at td bank he's a robot from one of those other banks. we're training him to bank human. he has a lot of bad habits from his previous bank. we'll make it our mission to change that. hello account holder number 000-2738-4873 we'll teach him that customers, aren't account numbers... bart, this is tod. ...and that even though they aren't customers, dogs are always welcome. take your time. he'll learn that, even the smallest of human touches, can go a long way... hey bart, the pens are free. oh. ...and that we have longest hours than other banks. wait, wait, wait.
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a young woman hit and killed, driver fleeing the scene, vehicle police want to keep an eye out on this morning. and, a local young laid which a promising future among those killed in orlando.
7:00 am
akyra murray's family described the last time they heard from her before they got the tragic news that they did not survive. what he said to her as she laid among the dead, waiting to be rescued. >> plus, shocking new details about the gun man's past, what is being said about omar mateen's history, at gay clubs and using gay dating apps. love conquers hate, from philadelphia city hall, to the nba finals.


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